B E H I N D  T H E  S C E N E S

Everyone has a different story that comes to define their work. Connecting contemplative practices with the environmental challenges we're facing is the result of my dedication to art and science, in a journey that keeps unfolding....

Ligia Oliveira

 Each of my series is part of a long chain of knowledge and events, with a large volume of research and observations. My work is grounded in present challenges, but I stay committed to relevant teachings from the past while working for the future, as part of the collective responsibility we all have...

My academic background informs most of what is behind my practice. By grounding in direct observation and research, I get a wider picture of the complex reality of the subjects I work with. That's how I harness the transformational power of art to improve our relationship with ourselves and to foster nature’s regeneration.

With a lifelong dedication to learning and to commit myself into bringing the best out of myself in every project, I go to great lengths to create my work.

Ligia Oliveira