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Artwork Care

Artworks are very fragile. Both original artworks & prints benefit from being carefully handled upon purchase, as their longevity greatly depends on this, and the following indications apply to both. Upon receiving your artwork, it should be taken directly to a professional framer.

One of the key elements for the artwork quality to remain through the years is UV protection. UV light has a malign impact in all sorts of colours, synthetic and natural. I recommend the use of museum glass, which reduces reflection and gives up to 99% UV protection. Another option is standard 75% UV-protected or 99% UV-protected plexiglass. In case you're placing your work near large light sources, these materials ensure your artwork's longevity. However, be aware that despite the level of protection offered, even in these cases artworks and prints shouldn't be exposed to direct sunlight.


I generally ship my work unframed, but you may contact me for a quote regarding framing services.

I recommend artworks to be framed in either a white or natural wood frame. In the case of the cotton paper originals, I recommend the artworks to be framed with the deckled edges of the paper visible - either with a simple mat border or lifted, so it appears to float above the mat, as the one below.

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