Each artwork is a personal, original, meticulous creation; painted on 100% acid-free cotton paper with 300 gsm (140 lb), with a handcrafted texture to further enhance the tonal range present in my work. Due to the paper fabrication process, it has deckled edges, an uneven surface and a unique, rough texture. More recent works also use handmade, 100% recycled cotton paper and natural, non-toxic pigment mainly from mineral sources; occasionally, from botanical sources, some of which I do myself. With this choice of materials, I do my best to ensure the longevity of each unique artwork as well as its impact on the planet. Note: artworks marked with * have a sketch in the back, which in no way interferes with the quality of the final artwork.


Each artwork is very fragile and should be taken directly to a professional framer. I recommend it to be framed in either a white or natural wood frame, with the deckled edges of the paper visible and a convenient margin, allowing the presence of the rough surface and the natural essence of the painting to emerge. I recommend standard 75% UV-protected plexiglass, which is lightweight and more durable than glass in most situations. Museum plexiglass is the best option for a high quality look: it reduces reflections and offers up to 99% UV protection. If you are placing your work in the vicinity of large light sources, this material ensures anti-reflective and UV protection for your artworks’ longevity – the most important aspect to preserve the artworks characteristics.



The colours of the artworks may vary from the way it appears on your screen.

I celebrate the small imperfections inherent to handmade work, and particularly with the recycled cotton paper, dimensions are always approximate. Please note that I sometimes reuse paper; therefore, a few of my paintings have previous sketches in their back - something that doesn’t interfere at all with the quality of the artwork. Artworks with back sketching are marked.


Although I aim for a full environmental-friendly approach, finding the most ecological materials for packaging is still a challenge, especially in times of Covid-19. Shipping fragile items such as artwork requires care and protective measures, as quality is my number one concern. I carry diligent research to reduce the number of plastic used, so offering plastic-free packaging is still only on the horizon.

You may also pick up an artwork directly from my studio, located in Algarve. In this case, please e-mail me at ligiaoliveirastudio@gmail.com 


Please allow 1 - 2 weeks for delivery in Portugal | 2 - 3 weeks Worldwide

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