The title pays homage to the tradition of being present. To observe with tranquility. Contrary to the constant attention dispersion and multitude of activities that invade our daily lives, this series is anchored in the return to the body - emotions, physical sensations; our place in the world, departure point to observe what’s around us. We live in a rapid paced world, where different aspects of climate change interfere with us, locally reflecting global phenomena. This set of works emerges from the observation of this reality in southern Portugal, hoping to inspire visitors to a slower, kinder relationship with nature and landscape - the seashore, the interior and the forest  -, from the starting point of a pause within ourselves to emotionally touch and inform for the conservation of our oceans and environment.


ocean art

Body, sensation and affect | 2019

Watercolour on paper, 30 x 42 cm


Our bodies constantly seek a dynamic temperature stability, between our organisms and the environment. In addition to thermoregulation, the surface of the skin, covered with nerve receptors, sends data to our neurons about touch, through which we consider comfort and the familiar. Through the set of our senses, we determine fundamental choices throughout the day. However, much of this phenomenological process is unconscious.


On a summer day of calm blue waters, I noticed the different temperatures of the sea, in different places on my body. The currents and changes are constant: hot sand on the feet, warm water on the ankles, followed by a cold current, another warmer and another cooler, in constant evolution.


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