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Odisea de Parténope

P A R T H E N O P E' S  O D Y S S E Y

Parthenope's Odyssey gathers fifteen poems about one of the sirens of the greek mythology. Her name means "maiden-voiced" from parthenos and ops, and she  was the sister of Ligeia and Leucosia. The number of sirens varies through mythology, but they were overall seen as dangerous creatures, luring sailors to shipwrecks with their enchanting songs. Sirens are found across greek stories, including in Homer's Odyssey. From the starting point of "the other", this small collection aims at a renaissance of the female gaze: inverting the siren's attributed narrative of temptation, desire and sinful nature, it aims to provide an imaginary voice to their stories, which have been limited within the social context of patriarchy to submission and - paradoxically, given that sirens were known for their singing -, to silence, to which women have been historically limited.

This book is in Spanish.


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