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About: 'Emotional Landscape 4'

When I started the series Raw, I wanted to highlight the beneficial relationship of being surrounded by nature with our inner emotional phenomena. I wanted this series to be a sincere portrait of the human experience, and therefore, the paintings reflected the difficult emotions - the pain of anger, sorrow, grief, fear. Pain is not only inevitable, but it's also an art to deal with it: as the song goes, the art of mixing the light into the gray. Very often, emotions co-exist like textures and their temperatures: flat and cold as iron, flat and soft, as silk; the warmth of velvet together with the crudeness of wood. Some show up surprisingly, others may be, consciously or not, further cultivated into moods. Because of this, each painting of Raw shares said qualities: the dark aspects but also the determination, hope, joy and compassion that make part of life as well; indispensable for a life well lived, and mindsets - or heartsets - that science, philosophy and wisdom traditions instruct us into its skilful dealings. The balanced combination of such textures is, perhaps, what gives rise to a good composition - and to a good life.

Emotional Landscape 4 is about this skilful, communal part of life; a circle of compassion.


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