Upcoming Exhibition: Pigments Revealed

Three of my artworks from the series Undeniable will be present at the Pigments Revealed Symposium Exhibition 2021. These three artworks have been painted with ercolano red and golden ochre, both mineral pigments from Italy foraged and carefully processed by Jyotsna Pippal, PhD.

Pigments Revealed is wonderfully curated by Wild Pigment Project and features international artists working with mineral, botanical and waste-stream sourced pigments. They perform a valuable work in collecting and sharing resources that foster a connection between art and land based on respect, inquiry, community and good practices.

The paintings exhibited are Bloom in Red (pictured below), Bloom in Red & Ochre 4 and Bloom in Soft Red & Ochre. A percentage of sales related to this event will be donated to the Urban Native Education Alliance.