Cymodocea Nodosa 6

Cymodocea Nodosa 6


56cm x 38cm


Inspired by the extraordinary underwater gardens of seagrass meadows, I highlight these beautiful yet endangered ecosystems from which most of ocean life depends upon. This series received the institutional support of the Portuguese Ministry of Culture.

In alignment with my sustainable practice, this painting is on 100% handmade, acid-free, recycled cotton paper with 300 gsm, exclusively with natural pigments. Due to the papers manual fabrication process, it has deckled edges and an uneven surface. It also has a unique, rough texture. Natural, non-toxic pigment from mineral sources were used, with cruelty-free brushes. Signed on the back.

This work is unframed.


Note: this painting has a previous sketch on the back.

  • Unfortunately at this moment we cannot accept returns nor perform exchanges of acquired artworks.

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