T H E  C R E A T I O N  O F  E A C H  S E R I E S

Working in abstraction art is, in a way similar to poetry, a meaningful way of dealing with the contradictions that humans have - specifically regarding to the way we related to ourselves, to each other and to the environment. Symbols and symbolic language allow to approach subjects in a non-literal way, integrating different perspectives and ultimately, the seemingly paradoxes and mysteries of life.

Ligia Oliveira

After gathering enough information about my subjects, I start the journey of creation itself. Similarly to the research process, there’s an enormous personal investment into discovery – this time, of both the artwork and myself, as we unfold. This is a deeply personal path of inquire and transformation, with a full body and mind attention, similar to a meditative state. I spend a lot of time researching the subjects of my series in advance, between one and two years. The ideas generally come up connected to an element, a detail, from a previous series, to which I then direct my full attention, both with my mind and emotional body. Integrating these aspects is what I believe allows me to transcend the mere aesthetic representation and work towards meanings intuitively felt by others. This is how I aim to make my work approachable.

I dedicate many hours into finding the best materials, to communicate clearly both my aesthetic and ethic intentions. Because of this, the research for the sustainable materials is a constant part of my working process. I look for the best, long-lasting ones, being very specific and perfectionist, while looking for durability and textures. These are things that, unconsciously, have an appeal to our senses. I perform the same research on pigments, looking for their ecological qualities but also into their processes of production, their tonal range and resistance, and how they dialogue with the surface where they’ll be used. I believe only a full commitment to the choices we pursue allow for excellency to emerge - and ultimately, that is my quest.


Ligia Oliveira art

All of this goes before the act of painting - which, in itself, can take up to two weeks to finish. Then, I chose to display and made public only the works that I feel represent my aims: to be truthful, beautiful, universal, altruistic and that project a sense of belonging and care for life.



With my work, I aim to achieve a limitless time through substance and approach, working through questions I believe to be pertinent to us all. The entire process of creation - from idea to research, to painting and sharing my work, is anchored in a meticulous attention to detail. Lastly revealed in the choice of pigments and the proportions to which they mix and compound new, unique colours, in a dialogue with textures and my own signature gesture of composition, these qualities orchestrate together with the intention of a harmonic, dedicated, visually appealing connection to nature - taking care of it to the next generations to come.