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Environmental art Portugal

B O D I E S  O F  W A T E R

Published at Three Knots Mag, 2023

(The original was written and is published in Spanish)

Skin with skin, so we are; the ocean and me. There is a small miracle that occurs every time I immerse myself in the water: the limits of my skin, so convinced of where they are while walking on land, suddenly dissolve in the sea. I appreciate the double ambiguity in this liquid state: neither feminine nor masculine, or rather, both*, between both seas, somehow we recognise ourselves, water and me. I get lost beyond the eyes perception and the glance of the skin, throughout its millimetric extension observing sensations, temperature, movement, gravity and balance; and so forward I go, while lacking movement. I analyse and dive, without finding the separation between my physical body and that of the sea. I know it is somewhere; but in all my body I do not find the exact place where that happens. Where do we start, and where do we finish?

(Excerpt of the ten pages essay, and images.)

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