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On water

For the last few years, most of my work has been about water: abstract representations of physical sensations that can be felt on water, emotions mirrored on water, other species, living on water; the relationship to the element, water. By approaching the landscape, or perhaps more precisely, the seascape, with the awareness of the relational nature of these representations - sensing, feeling, imagining; I then bring to the studio memories, photos, videos, sketches, from which I construct, meticulously, the emotional bond to these water places.

Among those representations was the series "Raw". On contemplative walks by the calm seashore, as my feet touched the ground and with it, tiny drops of water jumped, only to land again in the same water, forming delicate, concentric circles; to which the air trapped beneath the sand joined, surfacing in bubbling ripples, I began to realise how much of my inner emotional landscapes were made visible here, in this vastness. And as the physical landscape around me, mine were layered in different elements - sand, water, air, the great invisible underneath, of ground and water; and simply, by being in such a tranquil natural environment as this beach, my own inner wilderness became easier to explore. Nature's own equanimity was a resting cape, and from its beauty and the relationship place and I have forged together, it became apparent I was its observant student.

I added some of the "Studies" from “Raw” to the website - get to know it by following this link.

topography of the interior landscape


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