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About: Zostera Marina 1, 2 & 3

I'm very interested in questions regarding perception and and the functioning of the human brain. Even though the series Between the Sea and the Shore is primarily about seagrass meadows, I aim to include the knowledge I gain into the techniques I use, in order to achieve a certain response from the viewer; to make you relate to my paintings in a way that makes you feel connected with nature, in a way that is calm, nurturing and interesting.

Zostera Marina 1, Zostera Marina 2 & Zostera Marina 3 are the artworks from Between the Sea and the Shore series whose technique calls for a perception inclined towards peripheral vision. This representation of seagrass meadows aimed at this property of our sight that is greatly unused in our contemporary lives in interior spaces, in which we tend to use a central gaze. Peripheral vision is called for in outdoor natural areas with panoramic views - such as the vast landscapes where seagrass meadows can be found - where we don’t look at one particular thing for too long. This mode of vision produces a relaxing response in our brain.

Zostera Marina 3


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