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About: Posidonia Oceanica

Posidonia Oceanica explores the vastness and richness of these extraordinary marine plants. Growing exclusively in the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean, they give life to the abundant fish and transparent waters of this Sea. Here, they form the largest living entity of the planet: stretching between the paradisiac islands of Formentera and Ibiza for an astonishing eight kilometers long and over 100,000 years old - making it a World Heritage site by UNESCO.

This story speaks to me about interdependence, about longevity and heritage in a way that is very tangible, alive and real, of a living entity that passed through generations and generations and keeps on giving. I also see it as a symbol of hope: it was alive throughout all these years, even though it was only discovered in 2006.

I wanted the structure of this painting to reflect the idea of this mounting extension and benefits; of the seagrass value for this ecosystem, and ultimately, for ourselves: its transparent, calming turquoise waters reflecting light with its gentle movement, covering these underwater plants which are one of the most important producers of oxygen in these coastal waters, capturing carbon as well as protecting shores from erosion and stabilizing seabeds. And finally, providing food and home for an incredibly large number of marine species, from which we depend upon.


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